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IGlobal University, founded by a veteran with a mission to educate and empower individuals through education for a better way of life for themselves and their families. We are offering competency-based education, proven to produce a great learning environment, and success for the student.

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Have You Ever Served in the Military?

IGlobal University is located in Vienna, Virginia, certified to operate by SCHEV. Accredited by ACCSC

Approved to offer GI Bill(R) educational benefit by the Virginia State Approving Agency.

Approved by the U.S. Department of Education to offer Financial Aid for those who qualify 



  1. Leadership and Management

  2. Accounting & Finance

  3. Human Resources Management

  4. Project Management


  1. Leadership and Management

  2. Accounting & Finance

  3. Information Technology

  4. Health Care Management

  5. Human Resources Management

  6. Project Management


  1. Cybersecurity 

  2. Enterprise Information Management 

  3. Software Engineering 


  1.  Systems & Management (ITSM)

  2. Data Management & Analytics (DMA)

  3. Software Design & Management (SDM)


Reason to choose IGU

We care about your success

Reason to choose IGU

Online, on campus, flexible schedule, convenience

Participates in the yellow ribbon programs, and members of the DOD MOU

Reason to choose IGU

Veterans on Staff to assist you!

Reason to choose IGU



T: 703-941-2020 | F: 703-941-2025

E: keith.evans@igu.edu | www.igu.edu

© 2019 IGlobal University. 

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